The Story Week 15: Who is the Real God?

STORY 15 web“Who Is the Real God?”

A Story of Elijah

Pg 203-207 of “The Story” & 1 Kings 12-18


Think About This: At particularly low spots in Israel’s history God sent messengers (prophets) like Elijah to deliver messages to restore their faith in Jehovah God.
Understand This: We are sent as well to deliver the message of faith and hope in the only true God whom we KNOW!
Do This: Faithfully speak and live the message of Jesus.

The Story: Week 14 “Asa, Doing Right by God”

STORY 14 webSunday, April 6th


“Doing Right by God”

As Told about Asa

Pg 195-201 of The Story; 1 Kings 12-18

Pastor Jim Stegman

Think About This: When Israel’s Kings led the people to worship gods other than Jehovah, the nations divided and their story was dominated by evil, war and idolatry.

Understand This: Worship of Jehovah is central to the harmony and success of God’s people.  When this is compromised everything else falls apart.

Do This: Follow Asa’s example and get rid of anything that would “arouse God’s anger”




The Story, Week 13: Solomon

STORY 13 webEmpty Greatness

King Solomon

Pages 177, 186-89 & 192 of “The Story”

Taken from 1 Kings, 2 Chronicles & Proverbs

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Think About This: God’s great gifts to Solomon included wisdom, wealth, & fame.  But the greatest gift was the keys to a relationship with God: repentance, humility, prayer & change.

Understand This: God has given to every Christian community the same keys to a relationship with God.

Do This: Understand & use the keys to maintain a relationship with God.



The Story Week 11: “Get to Know the God of Power”

STORY 11 webGet to Know the God of Power,

As Told by Young David.”

Pgs. 145, 149, & 151 of “The Story”

1 & 2 Samuel


Think about This: Young David learned to trust God as powerful in helping his people.. He learned this in nature among the sheep.

Understand This: It is a crucial matter how our heart is shaped to trust God.

Do This: look for signs of God everywhere. Learn to use spiritual weapons in spiritual battles.


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The Story week 10: Standing Tall, Falling Hard

story 10

“The Tragedy of Giving Up on God”

Pg 135-138, 141 of The Story

1 Samuel 1-4; 8-13;15


Think About This: Before King Saul God had governed Israel through spiritual leaders. In asking for a king (political leader) Israel was rejecting God as their king.


Understand This: It was a great tragedy for Israel to choose political power over spiritual power.


Do This: Listen to and obey God’s Spirit as the One who now governs God’s Kingdom, the Church


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The Story: Week 9, The Faith of a Foreign Woman

Story 9 web

“The Faith of A Foreign Woman: As Told by Ruth”

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

The Story, pgs. 121,122,123 &127

Ruth 1-4

Pastor Jim Stegman 

Think About This: The Story of Ruth is a delightful and unusual account that presents a bright spot during a very dark time for Israel.

Understand This: God is the main actor and we are His supporting cast.

Do This: Gove praise and thanks that we are included in God’s story and purpose to do all that he instructs us to do.