Week 7 of “The Story” The Battle Begins


This Week’s Sermon (Sunday, February 16th) is from  Joshua 1-2; 6; 8; 10-11; 23-24,  The Story  Pgs. 89-90; 96, 97, 102.

Pastor Jim Stegman is bringing us the message.

Think About This: Win with God; Lose without Him. This is true in all of life.

Understand This: Fear is paralyzing while faith produces courage.

Let’s Do This: Find Leaders who trust God and follow them.

See you Sunday!

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The Story: Week 5 A New Command & Covenant

STORY 5 web

This Sunday, Week 5 of “The Story”

“He’s Got Everything In His Hands”
Caleb Glaser is bringing us the Message.

Think about this: God gave Israel a new promise and a new set of laws. He did this because He loved them, wanted to protect th…em and wanted them to live in true freedom.

Understand This: Our Self given freedom brings bondage. God’s commanded restrictions bring freedom.

Do This: Examine your heart and mind and remember God’s promises. When you surrender control to Him, you can live in true freedom.

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THE STORY: Deliverance (Week 4)

STORY 4 webThis Week in “THE STORY”

Pastor Jim’s Sermon is titled, “God and Israel Walk Out of Egypt,” from Exodus chapters 1-7; 10-17.

  • Think About This: God delivered Israel out of a harsh but secure place and took them into a risky but dependent new place of freedom.

  • Understand This: We want to be free but under what conditions? Will it make me uncomfortable?

  • Do This: Replace placing blame with giving thanks. Replace hiding behind lies with truthfulness.








Society/All-Church Meeting January 26th

Society meeting 14

All Church/Society Meeting:

Our annual “State of the Church”  get-together has been rescheduled for Sunday, January 26th at 5 PM.  Dinner will be provided. Come and hear about what we did last year and our plans for 2014. If you call Living Hope Free Methodist Church your church, you are encouraged to attend.


Sunday, Jan 19th, Week 3 of “The Story”: Joseph; From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh

STORY 3 webThis Week in “The Story”

Pastor Jim Sermon is called, “God & Joseph Go to Egypt; as told by Joseph.” It is from Genesis chapter 37; 39; 41-48; 50.

  •  Think About This: God Orchestrated Joseph’s trip to Egypt for the purpose of salvation. Go…d went with Joseph even though Joseph did not have a choice.

  • Understand This: Not everything in my life that feels bad IS bad.

  • Do This: Seek to follow God always and find His opportunity in every circumstance.

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