At-Home Resources

  • Check out the Living Hope Kids Playlist on our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for some fun, kid-friendly Bible stories and lessons. 
  • Talking about the COVID-19 outbreak with children can be a tricky task. Check out this article, Explaining COVID-19 to Children, that discusses the best way to approach this subject with kids.

  • With schools closed and families spending more time together, this is a great opportunity to explore the Bible together with your kids. Go to the Crossroads Kids' Club YouTube Channel for some fun, Bible-based videos to watch together.
  • Another online resource is the Allstars Kids Club GO website and app. In order to access the free videos, you will need to first visit the Allstars Kids Club Go Website and create an account. After you have made an account on the website, you can download the app in the app store and sign in with your username and password to access all of the content right from your phone!

At-Home Bible Lesson for July 12th:

As a family, watch the video God's Story: Ten Commandments and the Golden Calf.

Wow! The Israelites got distracted from God's plan very quickly. After Moses was gone, they decided to worship a golden statue of a calf instead of God. This wasn't what God wanted for them. Thankfully, they realized their mistake and God forgave them and gave them another chance.

  • Why did God give Moses the Ten Commandments? (So His people would know how to love him and how to love their neighbor.)
  • What happened when Moses was on the mountain for a long time? (The Israelites decided to worship a statue.)
  • Did God forgive his people even when they messed up? (Yes.)

Today, thank God that he forgives you even when you make mistakes.