To Love God, Love People and make disciples who make disciples.



To be a community of people experiencing the transforming love and power of God so we are able to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.



Worship - We worship God with all our hearts falling down in surrender and ordering everything in our lives for the purpose of God's Kingdom.

Prayer -  To pray is to change.  Prayer is not something we master, but in prayer we are mastered by God. God transforms us through Christ' love into people who bring a little heaven into time and space.

Discipleship - We are on a journey with Christ. We commit to being a church that journeys together becoming more like Jesus as we do our best to be Jesus' apprentices;  learning to live as he taught.

Connection -  We are a relationally connected people.  We value relationships with those around us and want to see Jesus make a difference in people's lives.  We commit to being stewards of gospel as we live day to day.


We are Free Methodist

Our Local Family

What we Believe

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