Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray. What can we learn about prayer from the Lord’s Prayer?
What are you like when no-one is looking? We all wear masks that put on a good face in public, but today’s message, Jesus calls us to something very different.
We all have a drive for justice. If someone has wronged us we want to see justice, at times we may even want revenge. In the Sermon on the Mount…
Jesus challenges his disciples to deeper levels of obedience all throughout the sermon on the mount, include with how his followers speak. Jesus emphasized in his teaching was that honest…
In a world filled with images and stories that temp and objectify, Jesus asks his followers to redirect their desire to God alone. 
In today’s message Jesus challenges us to make a difficult choice, following a difficult road, but it leads to all kinds of life.
Today Jesus has some tough things to say about how we deal with anger in our hearts. But through God’s grace we can find freedom from an anger that kills…

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